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Eco-friendly Christmas Jumper Patch (iron-on/stitch-on)


6 unique designs made from recycled fabric
Fix to your sweater and off you go - full instructions provided
Each patch is unique and made from recycled materials
Buy a patch and repurpose an old jumper to create your eco-friendly alternative

Choose from:
Father Christmas
Christmas Penguin
Christmas Robin
Christmas Pudding
Christmas Tree

Colours and fabrics will vary as each patch is unique

Black Friday offer:25% off - Normal Price £19.99

Did you know that each year people buy around 12 million new Christmas jumpers despite there already being around 65 million stashed away in wardrobes from previous years. Sadly, many of these jumpers are only worn once.

Just how Eco-UNfriendly are Christmas Jumpers? Find out here

Here at Silk Moon, we have introduced our Eco-friendly Christmas Jumper Patches. Available in 6 different designs; each patch is unique and handmade using upcycled textiles.

Simply fix to your own sweater and join us in the campaign against

Eco-UNfriendly Christmas Jumpers