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How to fix your Christmas Jumper Patch

1. Grab yourself a jumper or sweatshirt

(or a jacket or a T-shirt or a bag or a cushion – in fact anything you want to fix it on)

There are 2 ways to make using your Christmas Patch as environmentally friendly as possible.


The 1st is to dig into the back of your cupboard and use an item that you already have. What about that sweatshirt with a stain on the front? – the patch will do a grand job of hiding it


The 2nd is to go along to your local Charity shop and find a preloved item that is suitable

2. Carefully position your Christmas patch

Peel away the paper backing before positioning your Patch.

It is essential to do this if you are planning to iron on the Patch

It’s important to choose the perfect position for your patch.

If you’re centering the patch, use a measuring tape to ensure it’s in the right spot.

You may want to check yourself in a mirror to make sure the patch is upright and in a position you like. Pin or tape the patch in position and carefully turn your garment inside out making sure not to move the patch

3. Fix your Christmas Patch

The patch is simple to attach by fixing by stitching on, ironing on or using safety pins

For best results it is recommended that you stitch your Patch in place


Stitch on your Patch – You can hand stitch or machine stitch the Patch in place. If you need instructions for stitching your Patch we have provided links on our website – just visit


Iron on your Patch - Removed the paper backing from the Patch before ironing. Be careful to leave the iron-on (transparent shiny) backing in place on the back of the patch

Turn on the iron - the setting should not exceed the setting for your material. Bring the iron straight down and hold for a few seconds. Do not move the iron around until the applique is securely in place. You can try doing a corner of the applique to get an idea on how long it will take to set the applique. You can also use a very thin towel between the iron and your fabric to protect your fabric from any marks that would come from the iron.

Leave to allow glue to activate

Once the patch is securely attached to the garment, allow it to cool completely.

If the entire area of the patch has not adhered sufficiently, you can repeat the process

Full adhesiveness will be achieved after 48 hours

For added security, pop a couple of securing stitches with a needle and thread spaced around the patch


Fix your patch with safety pins

Gently pass a safety pin from the inside of the garment through

to patch and back to the inside, catching enough of the patch to

hold securely. Repeat at approximately 2.5cm/1 inch spacing.

Take care not to scag your sweater whilst fixing with safety pins

4. Wear your Eco-friendly jumper with pride

Show the world that you are helping save the planet whilst sporting a stylish and unique Christmas motif


Washing your garment after applying the Patch:

Due to the delicate nature of the patch it is recommended that you hand wash in luke warm water


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