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Just how Eco-UNfriendly are Christmas Jumpers?

  • Each year people buy around 12 million new Christmas jumpers despite there already being around 65 million stashed away in wardrobes from previous years. Sadly, many of these jumpers are only worn once


  • 95% of Christmas Jumpers are made completely or partly of plastic materials. Environmental charity, Hubbub, concluded this after conducting research into 108 Christmas jumpers available last year from 11 different high street and online retailers


  • More than two tonnes of clothing is brought into the UK every minute and each week 11 million garments end up in landfill. This was concluded by Oxfam after recent research


  • Making clothes is resource intensive, requiring land, water and manpower as well as fossil fuels and chemicals. Some of the fibres can also pollute oceans and rivers and enter the food chain.

Friends, consider the environment before you buy your next Christmas jumper: We are on a campaign to make the Christmas Jumper environmentally friendly!

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So, what are we doing about it?

Here at Silk Moon, we are campaigning to make the Christmas Jumper environmentally friendly.

We have produced Christmas Jumper patches; made from recycled fabrics, these fun patches can be attached to your own jumper or one that you get from the local Charity Shop.

We have provided full instructions on how to fix your Christmas Jumper Patch


These patches are also multifunctional - you could attach to cushion covers or hang up as Christmas decorations

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"Use it because you love it - love it because you use it"

Did you know:

You'll love to wear your Christmas Jumper because you'll love to be helping the environment

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